American Underdog

With the Erwin Brothers directing a movie based on Kurt and Brenda Warner’s real-life story, you know AMERICAN UNDERDOG INSPIRES! In addition to all of the important information you’ll find on, the Inspires page is your deep dive into the heart of the movie, which opens in theaters everywhere on Christmas Day.

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The Heart of American Underdog

From Kingdom Story Company and The Erwin Brothers—the creators of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE—comes AMERICAN UNDERDOG, based on the true-life story of Kurt and Brenda Warner. An undrafted quarterback out of college, Kurt found himself stocking shelves in a grocery store to support Brenda and her two kids, all while trying to hold onto his fading dream to be an NFL quarterback. Not to spoil any surprises, but if you’ve ever been to the NFL Hall of Fame, you’ll know this movie has some inspiring twists and turns!

Kurt and Brenda Warner

To learn more about Kurt and Brenda Warner and their family, be sure to visit their First Things First Foundation. You can also learn about one of their favorite projects, Treasure House.

Kingdom Story Company

Kingdom Story Company is a new entertainment creative-content company that works in partnership with Lionsgate. Kingdom Story Company was started in 2019 by Jon Erwin (CEO), Andrew Erwin (Chief Creative Officer), Kevin Downes, and Tony Young. Kingdom Story Company creates life-changing content from a variety of talented storytellers.

The Erwin Brothers

Directors of AMERICAN UNDERDOG, the Erwin Brothers—Jon and Andrew Erwin—have been involved with cameras and storytelling since they were kids. In 2002, the brothers formed an award-winning production company, working primarily on commercials, documentaries, and music videos. By 2010, the Erwin Brother were focused solely on developing dramatic feature films. Their features have all opened in the top-ten box office. The Erwin Brothers have twice received the coveted A+ CinemaScore. Their feature films to date are: OCTOBER BABY, MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, WOODLAWN, I STILL BELIEVE, and the 2018 hit I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, which became that year’s top independent film, earning over $83 million at the box office.

Group Tickets

While AMERICAN UNDERDOG opens in theaters on Christmas Day, you have a great opportunity to take your group during the special preview showings of AMERICAN UNDERDOG the weekend before it officially opens: December 17-19. AMERICAN UNDERDOG is sure to inspire and encourage every group that sees it on the big screen. Get started here.

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